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How do you get visitors to find you and contact you?

Get more customers with internet marketing and track the process as visitors become leads to customers, the sales process. See your true return on your investment. With our automated tools, you can track the process from getting found, to engaging your audience, to getting contacted and then converting the leads to sales. One tool to see everything!

Once you are found you need to have a compelling presence to entice visitors to contact you. Your web presence is crucial to your success. Drive visitors to pages relevant to their search. If someone searches for toilet repair, they should be taken to a page that has a call to action and content related to toilet repair.

Engage Your Audience

After visitors find you they must be enticed to contact you. Three of the primary ways to engage visitors are phone calls, form submissions and live chat. It is crucial that these engagement options are very visible to your visitors so they want to connect with you.

Track the Results

After a lead engages, tracking the lead and determining where the lead originated from allows you to make more informed decisions in determining what is working and what channels should receive funding. Our tracking tools allow us to provide you with just that… track your phone calls, form submissions and live chats.

Depending on your business model there may be other methods that are primary engagement methods for your business. I.e. 1. If you sell products or services online then Ecommerce becomes a primary engagement method. I.e. 2. If you offer events, sign ups and payment processing if applicable are primary methods of engagement for your business.
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Web design

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Pay Per Click - PPC

Looking to grow your business now? Get in front of potential customers searching for what you offer.


It is a process that helps a website get more traffic and results from a search engine, by getting the site to rank higher in the results when a user types in a search.

Content Management

Empower CMS is a comprehensive content management system that simplifies management of all your website needs.