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Complete Control Over All Elements On Each Page

Independently update your customized design with the ability to mix and match elements from each of your personalized page designs. These elements include: meta-data (like titles and descriptions), top navigation buttons, headers, banners (control size and number), content areas (column/s and or row/s), call out modules, footer and more. Varied design elements and modules can be utilized in different places on a page to best meet your needs for that page’s content and message.

Landing Page Management

Easily create landing pages to use for targeting your specific audience. Landing pages that are part of your website and have a unique id and stay with the user so you can track how they found you and when they contact you. Data is retained through the use of cookies to keep track of when a person visits your site, comes back and interacts with your site.

Multi Site Management and Module Sharing

Manage all of your sites from one control panel, share content and easily switch between sites. Modules created for one of your sites can be used with all of your sites. The modules layout is adjusted to fit each sites design so each site retains its own brand identity. Since all sites are on the same platform, system updates automatically apply to to ensure maximum compatibility of modules.

Sub Sites for SEO Maximization

Maximize SEO benefits by creating subsites and various language versions within one domain. For example, or versus or This allows you to reap the benefits of the all of the content in one site.

Utilize A/B testing

A/B testing may be utilized for a range of uses including organic searches and to optimize search engine advertising campaigns. Design controlled environments to identify what aspects of the page are maximizing the efficiency of your efforts. Through discovering the most popular elements on your page, you can make changes to web pages that increase an outcome of interest. S4T will implement tracking tools allow you to track leads generated from your testing environment from phone calls, forms submissions, emails and live chat. This data integrates with our CRM solution to track the sales process from lead generation to the sale.

Content and Image Management

S4T’s dynamic image manager allows users to upload an image and automatically save it in multiple formats to be displayed in an unlimited number of size variations throughout the site. User can set the desired display sizes to indicate how the image should be saved for a particular image or group of images.

The built in photo editor allows users to crop and resize photos, automatically preparing images for the best viewing and search engine optimization by reducing file size while maintaining quality.

Our page manager makes it easy to add pages on the fly. Simply choose the section to add the page, choose the layout and add your content.

Our easy to use page content editor looks and functions like MS Word. The software allows non-technical to control a simple interface that empowers them to create professional looking content. Technical users have access to the HTML and CSS for ultimate control over your content and pages.

Managing documents such as PDFs is often a hassle. Our document manager allows user to easily upload documents in many formats directly in the content editor and attach to text or graphics (images or graphical buttons).

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Social Media Syndication

Our CMS allows easy syndication across social media outlets by enabling user to easily post content directly to these social media outlets at the click of a button. S4T’s Empower CMS system works directly with each individual social media outlet, maximizing their platform. Share blog posts, news, events, promotions, relevant links and more. Integrate social feeds into your site to highlight your social sites’ activity to your website visitors.
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Content Management

Empower CMS is a comprehensive content management system that simplifies management of all your website needs.