Retargeting is a marketing effort that occurs before a potential customer visits your site. This is the major difference between retargeting and remarketing, which happens after that user visits your site. Retargeting occurs after a person searches for the services you offer- a cookie is dropped on their browser, so you can ‘retarget’ your ads to that user elsewhere on the web, who you now know is a member of an already interested audience.

Retargeting Process:

  1. A potential lead searches for your products or services (keywords) on the search engines
  2. As the potential lead searches the web we show them your retargeted display ad keeping you on their mind
  3. The potential lead may click on your ad to visit your website and engage with you
  4. S4T tracking technology reports where they came from and how they connected with you
S4T will build a profile of the potential lead based on that user's search history, sites visited, and content interaction. Once we have a detailed search and browser history of the potential lead, we begin to serve relevant advertising based on their ever changing search and browsing profile. The potential lead profile can change over time, so only the last 30-60 days history is used to keep the detailed profile. Once the potential lead has visited your site, they will still be remarketed your display ads.
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